What is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa

What is Kratom?

Out of the jungles of Southeast Asia comes Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa), a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family (Rubiaceae) whose leaves have long been used by locals for various reasons.

Over the years, kratom has adapted to the different regions it grows in, which has caused it to evolve in to a variety of strains and vein types.

Types of Kratom Strains

  1. Red Vein. Historically grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.
  2. Green Vein. Historically grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand
  3. White Vein. Historically grown in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Secondary Strains by Region:

  • Sumatra, Riau, Kalimantan, Borneo: Strains orignated from Indonesia.
  • Bali: A strain that orignated from Indonesia.
  • Maeng Da: A strain that originated from Thailand.

Kratom Farming

Kratom has a long history in Southeast Asia. Going back as far as 1836 and probably long before that, the botanical has been used for a wide variety of reasons . As such, the plant is grown as a traditional crop and fits within long-held local customs that have become part of the culture in this area of the world.

Legit Kratom Farming

Sustainability Is Important To Us

Sustainable kratom farming methods are key. If a natural strain of kratom is not harvested sustainably, it may disappear forever, taking a community’s livelihood with it. Knowing which strains to harvest and when is considered an art that’s passed down from generation to generation. Taking too much from one area will destroy the crop, leaving no means of earning an income for future generations. The last thing we wish to do is upset the delicate balance of tradition and commerce. That’s why Legit Kratom supports sustainable farming practices and upholds ethical business policies.

Harvesting & Drying Processes

Kratom plants or trees thrive under wild, natural conditions so it’s difficult to grow them under typical controlled, farming conditions. Most producers are considered harvesters since they must search out and harvest the product. They use methods they’ve used for centuries: only the mature plants are taken, leaving the younger plants to grow and thrive. Then, the traditional drying process is carried out precisely as it’s been for hundreds of years. Indoor drying structures with special drying racks ensure a dark, cool climate and plenty of circulation. This ensures the highest quality.

Bringing Kratom to the World Market

In order to supply this growing demand in the West while preserving traditional culture where kratom is grown, it’s key to focus on sustainability in the growing process. It’s companies that care who will lead the way in scaling the kratom market ethically and sustainably.

Want to try our superior quality kratom? Simply give us a call or order here and see for yourself why so many people choose us to be their go to kratom supplier. It’s our pleasure to offer you unsurpassed quality and customer service.

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