Legit Kratom Blend

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This a legit blend of four awesome kratom strains! We blend Super Green Thai, Green Maeng-Da, White Borneo, and Red Bali.


Earn up to 125 Legit Points!

We only provide the highest quality kratom sourced directly from farms in Southeast Asia. There's a reason why we guarantee the quality of our products.


Tested for Quality

Our kratom products are tested for identity and biological contaminants.


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Legit Kratom is committed to our customers complete satisfaction.  If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it or return the unused portion and you’ll receive a refund with no questions asked.

For shipping details, please visit https://legitkratom.com/kratom-shipping/

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18 reviews for Legit Kratom Blend

  1. Jayden

    Absolutely love this blend! You guys are not only awesome when it comes to customer service, but your products and prices are the best around!!

  2. Carter

    This is my new go to blend on a daily basis. Love it!

  3. Josh Rawlinson

    I love it good quality great prices I am a lifelong customer

  4. Zulema Stone

    Love this blend. Very calming and relaxing. The quality is excellent! I no longer need to take my valium. So happy with this company and product. You have me for life.!!!!

  5. uturpia

    A heavenly blend of various strains thoughtfully combined to deliver the finest elements Kratom offers to this humble soul.

    Kratom can’t be trademarked by Big Pharma (hence our fight for its freedom), but quality vendors can offer a wonderful brand experience. Legit does just that. I love the quality and their commitment to their name. #IamKratom and I love Legit Kratom!

  6. musicteacher

    I’ve been on pain meds for a variety of illnesses, some to be determined, and I want to stop them
    Kratom has been a lifesaver. I just tried the blend. Love the calming effects, pain stopping, and focus enhancing. Great blend from a great company!

  7. Adam

    Top notch well rounded blend. Eases bodily discomfort, centers my mind, and gives the energy boost I need to work and knock out to do list! Legit kratom don’t change a thing!!! Legit blend makes me happier, I suffer from bipolar depression and ADHD. If you don’t give this one a try you’re missing out. Awesome company, prompt shipping and immaculate packaging thanks for your excellent product!!!

  8. dj63841

    This is the best blend of energy and pain relief I have tried

  9. Caylin

    Such a wonderful blend, New users and experienced users will certainly enjoy it all the same!

  10. tommydavis2595

    Awesome blend. Really helps with pain and depression. I am so satisfied with legit kratom products.

  11. djlohnes7

    I love this blend. The best of the best. Relaxing with out making me tired. Energy with out jitters. Helps with my anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. Thank you for superior customer service and quality product.

  12. Bill C.

    My shoulders are bone on bone and legit blend not only makes the pain bearable it relaxes you also.can’t wait to try the Info!.Legit kratom not only delivers a good product their customer service is 2nd to none!

  13. brianvgriffith

    Excellent all-around blend. Highest quality out there at a great price.

  14. Jon Marshall

    This is my favorite blend… it just makes you feel good. The service is first rate, and the price is much better than other suppliers… Try it, you’ll like it!

  15. M. Madsen

    I have been using kratom for over a year now and this blend is the best kratom I have used so far. It takes away pain and you feel GREAT! Relaxed, good mood enhancer and allows you to concentrate. it does it all. Ordering more now.

  16. Jon Marshall

    I would give legit blend 10 stars if I could… it’s a perfect combination of strains, providing a natural, calming “feel-good” lift.

  17. Kimber Dee

    Awesome product. Pain fades away with this strain

  18. Kimber Dee

    Awesome blend of strains will buy again

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